The famous McLaren's Christmas Pudding - UK's finest

It was Christmas 2004 and dessert designer Sandra McLaren noticed that her 4 young children did not eat any of the Christmas pudding and neither did most of the adults at the table. So the challenge was set. Firstly, she removed the stodgy suet and replaced it with butter. This gave it an incredibly light texture, a creamy finish and meant it heated through a lot quicker. It also meant vegetarians could eat it! Secondly, she used finely ground flaked almonds, zingy zest from oranges and lemons and sourced the best dried fruits and prunes she could find. Finally, she soaked these for days in fine Brandy, Guinness beer, orange and lemon juice and slow-steamed the mixture for 8 hours followed my a maturing process of several months. Next Christmas was a different story. And so, McLaren’s Christmas Pudding was born.

NEW 2017! 

By popular demand and about to launch at IFE London 2017, we now offer a shelf-friendly box for retailers in both the 450g and 800g puddings. 








450g and 800g gift-boxed Puddings

We introduced the new fire-branded wooden box packaging to accompany our luxury pudding to give that extra special touch. They make wonderful gifts if you are wanting to make an impression!

Individual 100g Christmas Pudding - Foodservice

We introduced this little superstar in 2013 - it's just a little version of his parents but just as moist.

So if you are a chef wanting to serve the best pudding this Christmas, or you simply want to throw a dinner party with your friends and family, this is a great option. Boxes of 48, 2 year shelf life and delivered straight to your door



Traditional Packaging - 450g, 800g & 1kg Christmas Puddings

Our customers will be familiar with our traditional packaging, beautifully wrapped in a corrugated box with colourful raffia and a hand-picked pine cone. Of course, these are still available so let us know if you prefer this style.