Sandra McLaren, food designer based on the Blackwater Estuary in Essex for over

30 years, is proud to present her range of mouthwatering cakes - the result of

careful recipe design and using only the best available ingredients. Our customers reckon they are the finest coffee shop cakes in the country!


Luxury Belgian Chocolate Cake



Made with 70% cocoa Belgian Chocolate Ganache, this melt-in-the-mouth sensation really needs no introduction. Made with only the finest ingredients including our special ingredient - beetroot - our wonderfully moist fudge cake will send your taste buds crazy

Luxury Coffee & Walnut Cake

photo (1).JPG

Unctuous with a divine coffee hit, indulge yourself in our moist, decadent McLaren's Coffee & Walnut Cake. 

Luxury Award Winning Carrot Cake



McLaren’s invite you to experience our deliciously moist spiced cake with succulent walnut chunks, topped with a silky cream cheese & lemon frosting, and finally, a generous sprinkle of walnut pieces.

Luxury Lemon Curd Cake



The ultimate zesty and tangy lemon curd cake with two layers of lemon infused cream cheese on a classic Victoria sponge. The middle layer of lemon curd gives it that exhilarating 'zing'.



 Carrot Cake; Belgian Chocolate Cake; Lemon Curd Cake; Coffee & Walnut Cake